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Erik Swenson


Office 952.473.7000
Cell 612.597.1906


As a real estate agent, Erik draws on his background in education, finance, communication, marketing and home renovation. The common denominator in all of his work has been relationships. 

While each property is important, Erik’s first focus is people. A person’s home is the setting of his or her story. This means that buying or selling a home is far more than a transaction—it is a vital part of each personal narrative. Erik considers it an honor to share in these stories. His approach begins with listening and his aim is to act as a guide. His background has trained him to capture details and to be adaptable when the unexpected occurs.  

After growing up in the north metro, Erik and his wife, Heather, embarked on a journey that took them to the East Coast and back with stops in between. For just shy of ten years they’ve lived in various parts of the Twin Cities and currently reside in the southeast metro. They love home renovation, biking with their five kids and playing Frisbee with their puppy. Erik enjoys tools, especially those that require earplugs and industrial grade extension cords. He also loves good conversation. 

If you are thinking of buying or selling your home, you need to borrow a few power tools or would like to chat over coffee, give Erik a call. 


Recent Client Testimonials:

“Erik Swenson was fantastic. He was super knowledgeable and with us every step of the way. He helped us in multiple ways preparing our property and after. Erik spoke very highly of the Fazendin team and the support and professionalism was evident multiple times. When we had to go into the office one time, the other staff we super friendly and helpful, too.”

Hickory S

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