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Select an agent & determine price

Select an agent & determine price

Why Should You Choose Our Professionals?

You may opt to sell your property independently. There are many excellent reasons, however, why you should choose us to assist you in this important undertaking. 

Fazendin’s goal is to maximize your profit while minimizing your pain of well, selling a home.  The process can be fun, but for many, it is a nerve-racking and stressful process.  But rest assured, selling your home with a well-trained, industry professional by your side makes the process as straight-forward and easy as possible.

Find Your Agent.

The very first step is to find an agent that can sell your property and work with your individual needs. Start by researching and interviewing a couple of potential brokers and/or agents. What makes the broker unique and why should they sell your home? Are they knowledgeable about your home’s location and the neighborhood? Do they have the character and professionalism you desire in an agent? 

Your Fazendin Realtor® will coach you through the process – from offering staging tips and tricks, providing professional photography and award-winning marketing,  guiding you through all received offers, and negotiating on your behalf, all the way to the closing table – your agent will be there every step of the way.   And, if we have done our job correctly, you – the seller – will be happy on closing day!

What Is Your Property Worth?

Your Fazendin agent will provide you an in-depth property analysis specific to your unique home, neighborhood, and current market conditions. This analysis will include an estimated market value of your property with comparable sales data to support their recommendation. 

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