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Physician Rewards


Fazendin Realtors recognizes and thanks our Medical Professionals’ commitment to serving our communities with our exclusive Physician’s Rewards program that provides the professional, fully-customized level of service they deserve paired with a 20% commission reimbursement.

For example, as an eligible physician, purchasing a home of $850,000 averages a cashback rebate of $4,590!

   Money back in your pocket!

How it works:

Physician Rewards Process Flow Chart


Questions? Contact Jana Lowenstein!


Jana Lowenstein
Relocation Director, CRP, GMS-T




* Physician Rewards are available to medical professionals with an MD, DO, DDS, DMD, and DVM looking to buy and/or sell a home. The rebate does not apply if your home is currently listed, if you are currently working with one of our agents or if you are looking for rental accommodations. Registration is required before contacting any Fazendin Realtors sales associate. Physician Rewards cannot be used in conjunction with other rebates, broker referrals, and/or other affinity programs. This rebates may not be available to employees covered under a relocation program where the company is covering their home sale or home purchase benefit.


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