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Laurie Bremer

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I grew up in Minnesota and other than a 4-year stint in Iowa at Simpson College in Indianola, have lived here all my life.  I had my first experience with real estate as an owner and landlord of a Minneapolis duplex in 1996.  I borrowed the money for the down payment, rented out the lower unit, which nearly covered my mortgage, and acquired a bug for real estate.  I learned a lot about dealing with tenants, the rental nuances and how to take care of an older home. 

Since my time as a landlord I have lived in lots of different homes across the western suburbs.  I know about the neighborhood gems and how to get the houses that everyone wants.  I’ve lived in townhomes, older homes, newer construction, in the city and in the suburbs.   

I have the know how to guide you through a strong market, to get you the most for your investment and a keen sense of what it takes to sell in a sluggish market.  At Fazendin Realtors, I have aligned myself with a great team with years of knowledge, expertise and dedication to individual clients and families.  I would love to use the knowledge I have and the amazing Fazendin support to help you find the perfect home for you and your family.

My husband, my three children and I live in Minnetonka with our dog, Frances and cat Russell.  When I am not selling houses, I am busy gardening, volunteering, rehabbing furniture, following my favorite sports teams, and quilting.  I love the music scene too and try to get to as many shows around the state as I can fit in. 

Give me a call if I can be of assistance.  I’d love to hear from you.


Awards Laurie Bremer has earned:

  • Agent of the Month
  • Top Ten Salesperson


Recent Client Testimonials:

Laurie Bremer
Office 952.473.7000
Cell 952.210.9736

“Laurie has great communication skills and an upfront, honest approach. She helped us buy a home for my daughter and sell an estate home- both transactions were efficiently handled. She had patience in what was a crazy market- I would highly recommend.”
Heidi W

“Laurie Bremer was instrumental in helping me to find my dream house. I was working with a another realtor that had the mentality that I should take what I could get and settle. Laurie helped me see that taking extra time and sticking to what truly was important to me was what was best in making a purchase as important as my home. She coached me through all the unknowns of inspections and loan approvals, etc. I know that I would not have been as happy with any other home or realtor. Thank you Laurie!”
Jess B

“Laurie Bremer is knowledgeable about the local markets, is a true professional and willing to do what it takes to deliver value to her clients. Laurie’s experience with investment properties led her to challenge my mindset and I’m sure will lead to a profitable long term investment. Finally, Laurie is flexible and always willing to show any property even if at times it might seem I don’t have a coherent strategy. Thanks.”
Darryl M

“We just closed our 2nd transaction with Laurie. With both transactions, she guided us through the prep, listing, offer, negotiation, inspection and closing processes. We’ve found her to have great insight and knowledge about real estate, and have appreciated her expertise through both selling AND buying. We couldn’t recommend her more.”
James D

“Buying and selling a home is daunting and having a partner that truly understand your family’s goals is so important to landing in the right spot. Laurie helped us sort through dozens of homes and ideas and allowed us time to process what we really wanted. If you are looking for a true partner to step you through the buying and selling process with diligence, patience, and persistence, Laurie is your go to resource.”
Melanie W

“She was professional, respectful, passionate, and responsive. Enjoyed the easy process of everything. Thank you!”
Nicole L

“To Whom It May Concern, I am writing today to share my experience with a realtor and truly a woman who is one of those “salt of the Earth” people. Let me first say, that I have never ever wrote anything about a realtor. Up until this point, I would not have had anything decent to say. Laurie has changed that for me. I had always been impressed by hr thoughtful contacts with the community. She really does think of the community and what their needs might be not about what she might need. She offers things to us, free services like shredding and notices of recycling and coupons and other amenities that would improve a neighborhoods quality of life. i initially had contact with Laurie regarding our housing needs approximately 2 years ago. From the beginning, she did research for us that would educate us to the whole marketing experience. She was completely about us and what we needed, asking thoughtful and timely questions that enabled us to make good decisions. Most of all, she was honest to the point of telling us, No, when clearly that was the right decision for us(of course that meant no monetary gains for herself). Even after that, she continued and continues to provide us with resources and assistance to help us be more comfortable in our home. Laurie is honest, honorable, helpful and has restored our faith in people doing more for others than themselves. She also has a ton of energy, gets things done, and has a wonderful sense of humor.”
Jeannie L

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