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Perks of Having an Agent

Let’s face it, the attraction to a do-it-yourself approach saturates the real estate industry. From home renovations to seasonal décor, there seems to be a DIY method for everything. While the appeal to buy a home in a DIY fashion may seem like the best way to go, the perks of having a real estate agent will create a memorable and successful experience. And plus, having a real estate agent doesn’t mean you have to forego all DIY-ing. Consider these reasons for having a real estate agent by your side through the house-hunting and buying process.

They are experts

Real estate agents speak in terms unique to their industry and are experts in all things related to buying and selling a home. From the beginning of the home-buying journey to the end, agents know exactly where to look and how to find what it is you’re looking for. Another bonus: agents’ familiarity with code compliance and permits. It’ll save you a few headaches having someone who knows the process inside and out.

They have access

An agent’s ability to search for and find a home doesn’t fall far from the “expertise” category. I know what you’re thinking – you are completely capable of using the internet to find properties you’re interested in, too. What you may not know is a real estate agent has access to listings that may not be advertised publicly. When you have someone well steeped in the area or neighborhood you’re looking at, it’ll be to your benefit.

They have connections

The network of a real estate agent is made up of mortgage brokers, real estate attorneys, home inspectors, home stagers, interior designers, landscape architects, and more. These connections allow an agent to be equipped with the knowledge and the means to help you immensely in many areas as you look for your dream home.

They’ll be honest

While not all real estate agents are members of the NAR (National Association of Realtors), those that are abiding by a code of ethics. If you choose to work with an agent who is a member, you can trust they will be honest and put your interests first. From full disclosures about problems in a property to issues that may appear along the way–you’ll get the whole truth.

They are pros at paperwork and record-keeping

If there is anything a real estate agent is a professional at, it’s record keeping. The amount of paperwork that is generated during the house-hunting journey is not for the faint of heart – and having someone in your corner who knows how to decipher and to organize the hundreds of pages you’ll face can’t hurt.

They are negotiators

While it may be true that you are fully capable of interacting with and negotiating with a seller, having a real estate agent as the middle man can be effective and helpful. An agent can negotiate unemotionally, take the heat during difficult negotiations, and respond to any type of competition you may encounter.

They know the closing process

With all their experience, an agent knows how to buy a home from start to finish. There’s a lot that can go wrong on closing day and your agent is prepared to wrap up this journey successfully. Your real estate agent can be on the lookout for trouble and the issues that may surface as you approach the end of this process.

Buying and selling a home is anything but simple and there are many steps to take. Though the process may take some time, a real estate agent will walk with you through it all. We would love to help you on your journey – let’s get connected and talk real estate.

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